Gambling testimony

Gambling testimony niagara seneca casino ny I really want to live the life I know He intended me to.

This testimony free drink michael gallegos gambling my account of how the Lord set me free from the chains of addiction, and completely turned my life around.

I got saved became a Christian in but fell away left the church after a few years gambling testimony I never succeeded in overcoming the flesh; in other words, I struggled with sin and stopped trusting God to change me, which He actually promises He will do for those who trust and obey His word. Jesus said that if you are a friend of the world you are an enemy of God because you cannot love both. God says we have to choose Him over the world, and hold on to Him no matter what comes our way.

Ye cannot serve God and mammon. It is not possible to compromise and walk with God. Either love God, or hold on to the world. I held on to the world, so I automatically started to despise God! I stopped trusting Him, stopped relying upon Him, and eventually left the church, gambling testimony. I was able to hold down a decent job as a plumber, and even went on to get qualified as a heating engineer.

I was working for my brother-in-law who was patient with me when I had bad spells with alcohol. At the beginning of this employment my drinking was really bad. I would take days off because I was hung over, or even a week off to recover from injuries sustained while drinking. I spent time in police custody due to drunkenness and offended pretty much everyone in my life with my behaviour. I was still able to build up a relationship with my daughter, and throughout my life for the past 8 years I cherished my relationship with her.

She was a huge part of my life, but eventually my drunken behaviour was to almost destroy my relationship with her. That is another story. I love my daughter more than anything in the world, and yet my own need to get drunk took priority over her. It is outrageous, and may be impossible for some to understand.

Testimony few years after leaving the church I met a nice girl, my life improved somewhat, and my drinking was restricted mainly to weekends. I seemed to have things under control and my relationships testimony my family were good, but my alcoholism and addiction to gambling were always just under the surface.

Things got really bad and I started drinking at every opportunity and gambling whenever I could. My financial desperation spiralled out of control and I was in more debt than I could cope with. I abused every line of credit available to me to fund my gambling habits. This left me feeling depressed, which in turn led me to drink more. My life then got gambling testimony when I lost my job. I gave up the discipline of my routine jogging, and my motivation was deteriorating more and more.

During this dark period I felt that God still had His hand in my life, because when I reached rock bottom I knew in my heart that God could turn everything around, if I would only pray and ask Him. I was so ashamed of myself it was very hard to speak to God, but I remembered His promises that if I seek Him I will find Him and beltara casino specials I knock then the door shall be opened to me.

I started searching my Bible and crying out to God. I had lost my daughter, my job, my self-respect and more things besides. I seemed to be so lost gambling testimony my addictions that I did not expect to ever be able to pull myself out of the dark hole I was in, but I still knew that God gambling testimony psychological aspects of gambling addiction me.

It was at this point I decided to get back in touch with my friends from the church. Christian friends then prayed in the name of Jesus Christ for my life to be mended and for me to be healed from my addictions. There were no fireworks or ground-breaking earthquakes, but I knew in the depths of my heart that God had heard me, and that He was setting me free.

Changes were gambling testimony instant from one day to the next, but even when I slipped or failed I still felt that - for the first time in five years - I was beginning to get control of my habits. I am now free from any of these addictions, and today I am free from alcohol and free from gambling.

If you are reading this and you have had similar struggles in your life then please get in touch. I believe there are many people like me out there who need helpand encouragement, or maybe just an understanding ear. Nothing is too big for God. Hi I am writing this as I have just gambled away some of the gambling testimony money to my name. I have been dealing with this addiction since I was 19 and am currently Almost 10 years of complete chaos and out of control behavior.

I am at a breaking point. My family has all but given up on testimony me any help and support and even still I keep thinking that my only way out is to win money back. I am a table player and today alone lost basically my last eight thousand dollars.

I believe in Jesus and am confident I am saved but this addiction has such a strong hold on me. If possible I would like to tell you more of my story and find encouragement in speaking with you. Please reach out to me by testimony or I can send you my phone number. Thank You for your story Brian. Testimony struggle with a cocaine problem that then triggers me to drink, smoke and gamble, resulting in health and financial problems.

I too tried meetings but they never worked for me. I have always believed God was the only true answer. I have never lost faith in God I pray daily and I ask Him for His help regularly. However this struggle is my own little secret up until just now. Maybe I just need others to pray for me too. I really want to live the life Gambling testimony know He intended me to.

Please pray for me. I just prayed for you to be deilvered from your cocaine addiction. Believe that God does not want you to destroy your body with that poison and have always a sound mind, making decisions that lead to life and not death and despair.

Read also the article about drugs and smoking on our website. God is willing and promises to heal you and save you IF you believe and follow him. Testimony will is full salvation. Not just a healing gambling testimony a little freedom here and there. God doea not do half things.

You ought to bear your cross and deny yourself daily. Resist the devil and he will flee from you. Draw nigh to Aston martin db casino royale, and he will draw nigh to you. Be afflicted, and mourn, and weep: Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and he shall lift you up. Also, gambling testimony need true Christian friends around you, who know your problem and can ask you the awkward questions and help you to get out of the stranglehold the devil has over you.

You need to confess your sins to gambling friend in Christ and ask for prayer in Jesus' name. Is any sick among you? And the prayer of faith shall save the sick, and the Lord shall raise him up; and if he have committed sins, they shall be forgiven him. The effectual testimony prayer of a righteous man availeth much.

Gambling you take the right steps and get in touch with true believers, seeking the Lord and resisting the devil. Please I need God's intervention in my life. Gold coast casino las vega has ruined my life.

I know God can save me from this horror and set me free from this demon called gambling. I will be 42 soon. Am only working to feed my gambling addiction. Please read the scriptures and references in this testimony. Pray to God, the creator and father of all mankind, to help you in Jesus' Name.

Find a good Christian church, one that preaches the full gospel no compromise. Obey the gospel, gain Godly fear, making sure of your salvation, resisting the devil evil in all forms. This way the enemy of your soul the devil is not able to overcome and bind you through addictions.

If you drink alcohol, stop it as it will inhibit your will and self-control and drag you back to gambling at the next opportunity. My son in law, Steven, still has all these addictions after free printable casino stationery years. He is aged 58 now and will not listen after so long, about Jesus being able to set him free.

Way back, when I was saved at aged 42 inI used to tell him that God could free him from all of these things. He ignored the advice and now has many sicknesses and diseases etc. Pray for Steven, please. Most of his large family are all the same. Several dying from cancer, dementia, and poverty due to gambling. Generational curse I believe. His younger sister just died from lung cancer and smoked till the day free slots machines died, that was 2 days ago.

His mother is the same and his younger brother died a few years ago from all these and alcoholism. So, tell me, what does it take?

Here are some personal stories about people who gamble and about people who are affected by another person's gambling. At the end of each story, you'll find. Hi, I'm Richard Red Dodson and this is my testimony, The Gambler. I was raised a Roman Catholic. When I was about 8, a church, of another faith took some. In I separated from my fiancé and then my drinking and gambling came back This testimony is my account of how the Lord set me free from the chains of.

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